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TRUST GXT 262 Thumb Grips 8-pack PS4

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Х-ка 6: Various colours to customize your game controller
Х-ка 4: Add extra grip, comfort and extended control to your gameplay
Х-ка 3: Two styles of silicon grip caps for personal preference: soft and firm
Х-ка 2: 8-pack thumb grips for game controller
Предназначен за: For PS4 controllers
Х-ка 5: Protect your game controller against sweat, wear and tear due to intensive use
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TRUST GXT 744B Controller Skin Blue

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Х-ка 2: Silicone skin which provides extra grip and protects your gamepad from scratches
Предназначен за: For PS4 controllers
Х-ка 4: Provides extra grip
Х-ка 5: Protects your gamepad from scratches
Х-ка 3: Customize your gamepad
Х-ка 7: Washable, easy to clean
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Genesis Gamepad Mangan 200 Wired (Pc)

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Х-ка 5: Color: Red
Х-ка 4: Analog bars: 2
Х-ка 3: Communication: Wired (USB)
Х-ка 2: Number of keys: 15
Х-ка 1: Platform: PC
Предназначен за: Компютър
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CANYON Mouse Mat with wireless charger

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Retail Packaging Net Weight Plastic: 0.021 kg
Retail Packaging Net Weight Carton: 0.045 kg
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Genesis Gamepad P65 (For Ps3/Pc)

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Х-ка 7: P65 allows smooth switching between X-Input and D-Input modes. This will help to avoid each interface limitations and will make ability to play in every game both on the console and Windows computer.
Х-ка 5: Gamepad P65 is equipped with not only double analogs, but also in the 8-way controller.
Х-ка 4: Extra function: Vibration
Х-ка 3: Number of nuttons: 12
Х-ка 1: Platform: PC, PS3
Х-ка 2: Communication: Wired
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