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Fury Gamepad

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Х-ка 1: Предназначен за: Настолни компютри
Х-ка 2: Number of buttons: 13
Х-ка 3: Interface: USB 2.0
Х-ка 4: Communication: WIRED
Х-ка 5: Cable length: 180cm
Х-ка 6: Weight: 92g
7.82 лв без ДДС 9.38 лв с ДДС

Genesis Gamepad Mangan 200 Wired (Pc)

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Х-ка 5: Color: Red
Х-ка 4: Analog bars: 2
Х-ка 3: Communication: Wired (USB)
Х-ка 2: Number of keys: 15
Х-ка 1: Platform: PC
17.90 лв без ДДС 21.48 лв с ДДС

TRUST GXT 235 Duo Charge Dock PS4

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Х-ка 4: Powered by console’s USB port
Х-ка 2: Charge up to 2 original game controllers at the same time
Х-ка 3: Charging indicator to show charge status
Предназначен за: Джойстици
Х-ка 5: Compatible Consoles PS4
19.05 лв без ДДС 22.86 лв с ДДС

Genesis Gamepad P65 (For Ps3/Pc)

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Х-ка 7: P65 allows smooth switching between X-Input and D-Input modes. This will help to avoid each interface limitations and will make ability to play in every game both on the console and Windows computer.
Х-ка 5: Gamepad P65 is equipped with not only double analogs, but also in the 8-way controller.
Х-ка 4: Extra function: Vibration
Х-ка 3: Number of nuttons: 12
Х-ка 1: Platform: PC, PS3
Х-ка 2: Communication: Wired
27.25 лв без ДДС 32.70 лв с ДДС

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