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Fury Gaming Chair Avenger M+ Black-White

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Други: Fury Avenger M+ has special rubberized wheels that glide on any floor smoothly and quietly, protecting surfaces from scratching. Materials used increase traction and mobility of the chair .
Цвят: Black/White
Тегло, kg: 13.5 kg
Материал: Artificial leather, Polyester; The seat is covered with high quality, durable and breathable material which combined with decorative eco-leather finishes pleases you with its appearance and high resistance to wear.
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Fury Gaming chair

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Регулируеми възглавници: Two pillows, upper and lower - The task of the lower one is to support the spine in the lumbar. The second pillow under the head is supposed to help maintain the correct position, but at the same time provide convenience and comfort during everyday use
Тегло, kg: 15.8 kg
Цвят: Black/White
Максимално натоварване, кг: 150 kg
Материал: Seat upholstery is made of high quality breathable material with white accents and carbon-style eco-leather
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